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We love to share our passion for working on web software!

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Our Services

Content Creators

We love to share our passion for web development on our YouTube channel. Subscribe today for content to help you out!

Web Application Development

We specialize in provide web application support and development for your existing web software. We work with a variety of backends like Ruby on Rails, Java Spring Boot and PHP. We also speak a lot of JavaScript.

Website Maintenance

Maybe you already have a working website and just need some help with maintenance. Either some security or other updates that need to be made, or you want to update some content. We can help!


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About Us

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Wazoo Web Bytes has been operating and serving clients for over 26 years. In the early days, we focused primarily on developing web applications using Cold Fusion. From there, we grew into some Java development while branching into Microsoft’s ASP language.

As web technology started to catapault forward, so did our software

Although languages, platforms and frameworks may be changing, our mission goal has remained consistent:

Delivering value to empower customers.

We’re locally owned and operated, and proudly Albertan.

Thank you for your business and we pray for nothing but the best results and outcomes for your company!

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